Management Fees

Tenant Placement

One time fee of “half a months” rent. We will complete the following:

  • Advertise and Promote your property using digital pictures on the internet and agents website
  • Screen enquiries from potential tenants
  • Organize and conduct showings of the property
  • Perform a credit check and screen prospective tenants
  • Complete all Residential Tenancy forms with tenants
  • Complete a move-in condition inspection report with tenants before occupancy
  • Collect first month’s rent and security deposits on your behalf

Full Service Property Management

  • Collect rents and security/pet deposits
  • Conduct move in/out inspections with full reporting
  • Maintain records and accounts – with Monthly and Year End reporting
  • Schedule maintenance, repairs and cleaning, and as required
  • Payment by Direct Deposit
  • Advise on legal rent increases


For More General Info please visit the BCFSA Website Link:


Regular Scheduled Inspections of Vacant Properties to satisfy insurance requirements and for peace of mind.

$50.00 per visit

  • Standard visual inspections will be looking for and noting signs of the following:
  • Break and enter/vandalism
  • Plumbing leaks by checking for running water and for leaks under sinks
  • Electrical outages
  • Operation of the heating system
  • Exterior damage from storms or fallen trees by visual inspection from the ground.

Fliers and mail will be collected from the front doorstep and brought into the house. Confirmation will be sent by email after each inspection within 24 hours stating the day inspection was completed and status of the property. If any problems are noted the owner will be contacted immediately by email and/or telephone.  You will be contacted and emailed photos if there are concerns that may need attention.