Vacant property or away on vacation?

Regular home checks will provide you with peace of mind while you’re away from your home.

We will arrange to have a visual inspection done of the interior and exterior of your property on a regular schedule while your home is unoccupied. Inspections will be looking for and noting any recent signs of the following:

  • Forced entry/vandalism
  • Plumbing leaks by checking for running water and for leaks under sinks
  • Electrical outages
  • Operation of the heating system
  • Exterior damage from storms or fallen trees

Mail, papers and packages will be collected from the front doorstep and brought into the house.

Confirmation will be sent by Email after each inspection within 24 hours stating the day inspection was completed and status of the property. If any problems are noted you will be contacted immediately by email and/or by phone.

Photos will be included along with the email confirmation when necessary to communicate any concerns regarding the property.

Fees and Services:

$40.00 + GST for each scheduled inspection.

  • You will have documented proof of visits to your property should you ever need them for an insurance claim.